Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dentists in Botswana are able to provide emergency dental care near me if you suffer a toothache or need dental surgery. Emergency dentists are able to provide emergency dental care in emergency situations by undertaking orthodontic treatment on the spot. They can give immediate attention to the needs of the patient and fix the problem fast. If you are searching online for an emergency dentist, you need not look any further than the internet.

emergency dental care near me

Back in August 2021, I had a toothache that lasted all evening. My teeth were very sensitive, so the pain was excruciating. I couldn’t sleep and avoided eating anything that night. At around midnight, I finally went to see the dental clinic. The emergency dentist was very experienced and came to my rescue.

He examined me and immediately put a warm water bottle on my chest. He then explained to me that I had developed a severe case of bruxism and that it was causing me tremendous pain. Bruxism is caused by the clenching and grinding of one’s teeth. Bruxism can also result in knocked-out teeth. The emergency dentists recommended that I see him right away as he had several patients who suffered from similar problems.

He then asked me to lay down on a table and applied a cold pack to my jaw. He then proceeded to ask me some questions about the cause of my pain and the manner in which I handled myself. After a short talk, he informed me that he had identified the problem and that he was going to perform a root canal. I was rather shocked by what I heard; however, the emergency dental care specialist was able to fix the issue at ease. He then asked me if I wanted an estimate for the root canal before he performed the surgery.

I readily agreed and was then surprised to find that the fee to have the procedure done was considerably less than the cost of a regular dentist’s visit. During the visit, the emergency dental care specialist instructs me on proper oral hygiene and instructed me to refrain from picking up loose teeth while at work. He gave me a list of recommended cosmetic dentistry procedures that I could complete at home to keep my smile looking its best. This included: whitening of my teeth, reshaping my gums, taking good care of my teeth, and filing my teeth.

The emergency dental care specialists at my office are very responsive and always helpful. They make time available to accommodate whatever appointments I may have. I highly recommend dealing with a skilled emergency dentist near you. They can save you both time and money by getting rid of those irritating and painful loose teeth. If you’re ready to get back to having a normal life, scheduling an appointment with an emergency dental care specialist near you is the perfect solution!