Group Homes Australia – Providing Dementia Care in a Home Environment

Group Homes Australia is an Australian organisation that aims to provide quality care in a home environment for people living with dementia. They provide a high degree of personalised care with a low staff to resident ratio. The homes are located on ordinary suburban streets and offer 24-hour care and support for those living with dementia, palliative conditions and respite care.

Group Homes Australia is a home for people living with dementia

Group Homes Australia is an innovative aged care model that provides high-quality dementia care, respite care, and palliative care. The concept is based on personalised care and the involvement of residents in day-to-day activities. The homes are designed to be small and provide a warm and nurturing environment where residents can remain engaged in their daily routines.

It is an alternative to institutionalised care

In recent years, group homes have become a popular alternative to institutionalised care. These homes are privately run, small and designed with the needs of people with disabilities in mind. A typical group home has a maximum of six residents, and at least one trained caregiver is on duty 24 hours a day.

It offers personalised care

Group Homes Australia is a model for dementia care, offering personalised care in a luxurious home environment. Not only does the company provide a highly specialised care service, it also donates to innovative charities like Orange Sky Laundry. Recently, the company entered a property partnership with Heathley, agreeing to fund the establishment of a new residence for Group Homes residents.

It has a low staff to resident ratio

The current staff to resident ratio at Assisted Living Facilities is low, with Group Homes Australia a ratio of two to three caregivers per 50-150 residents. This lack of staffing limits the level of care and service provided. This can lead to increased costs and residents needing more care, forcing the resident to move to a Residential Care Home.

It is a social hub

Group Homes Australia operates under a new model, emphasizing the social inclusion of clients while preserving their autonomy. Each home is staffed with trained staff around the clock, including social workers, registered nurses and homemakers with dementia training. These staff members are paired with registered nurses and social workers and are assigned to small groups of six to ten residents. In addition, a full allied health team is on-site to support the residents, and social workers are on-call at any time.

It is a specialist in Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management is one of the core values of Group Homes Australia, a specialist in aged care. They have a team of clinical care, engagement and occupation consultants, and an advisory board, which consists of industry leaders and consultants. Group Homes Australia also employs highly trained Home Makers, a group of caring and multi-skilled staff. These individuals have undergone specialized training in ageing, dementia care, and first aid. Their mission is to provide care that enhances a resident’s quality of life.

It is an approved provider of Home Care Packages

Home care packages are government-funded packages that can help seniors live in their own homes. These services are provided by a team of nurses, social workers and trained homemakers. Residents can receive assistance with personal care, meals, medication and other household tasks. The package can also include assistance with appliances and aids.

It has a mobile app

Group Homes Australia’s mobile app is a great way for carers to stay up to date on their resident’s care, without having to interrupt the care they are providing. This app is designed for carers of residents living in the Group Homes Australia community and is also useful for social workers. Carers can update their resident’s profile from any mobile device, without having to interrupt their care.