Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer

If you are accused of driving under the influence, you will likely need to hire a DUI defense lawyer in Calgary. In Alberta, impaired driving offences fall under Section 253 of the Criminal Code. They include driving with blood alcohol content of.08 percent or higher, and refusing to provide a breath sample. A DUI lawyer can help you fight the charges against you and ensure your rights are protected.

David Chow

David Chow is a full-service criminal defence lawyer in Calgary, Alberta. He lives in Cochrane and works out of a suburban office in North West Calgary. He has more than 20 years of legal experience and will make sure your case is handled quickly and effectively. Contact him today to get started.

David Chow is an accomplished DUI defense lawyer who specializes in impaired driving and roadside sanctions. While his main office is located in Calgary, he also services clients throughout the region, including Cochrane. David Chow is highly qualified and dedicated to his work, and he goes above and beyond to defend his clients.

David Chow is a Calgary DUI defense lawyer who specializes in refusal to blow and impaired driving cases. He has helped hundreds of clients who have been charged with impaired driving. He also helps clients with roadside sanctions in Alberta, like “BW,” a refusal to blow.

Wolch Wilson Jugnauth

If you have been charged with a DUI, you should contact a DUI defense lawyer from Wolch Wilson Jugnauth. These Calgary-based lawyers are nationally recognized as some of the best in theĀ Click here business. Their services are available throughout Alberta, and they offer a free initial consultation.

Wolch Wilson Jugnauth is a Calgary law firm that represents clients in all areas of criminal law. The firm consists of lawyers who have experience practicing in various courts and have worked as judges. The firm’s lawyers have extensive experience in the field of white-collar criminal law, which often combines criminal and regulatory law.

Wolch Wilson Jugnauth has extensive trial and appellate experience. Its lawyers have tried cases in every level of court in Alberta. They have successfully defended many wrongfully accused people. Their work includes the freedom of David Milgaard, a man who spent 23 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. This conviction was overturned due to DNA evidence.

Susan Karpa

When it comes to DUI and criminal defense, hiring the best attorney is critical to a successful case. Susan Karpa was called to the bar in 2003 and has been practicing criminal law ever since. She has a passion for criminal law and believes that all individuals have a presumption of innocence. Her experience in criminal law includes hundreds of trials.

Susan Karpa is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who works in Calgary, Alberta. Her reputation and sound knowledge of the law makes her one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Alberta. Whether you have been charged with a DUI or a criminal offence, Susan can fight to help you get the case dismissed.

Susan Karpa has successfully defended thousands of people, avoiding felony sentences and prison time. She uses her experience and knowledge of criminal law to be an excellent spokesperson for her clients and advocates aggressively for them. She maintains a case file for every client and tailors her strategy to fit their needs.