Jumper Rentals

When looking for jumper rentals Riverside CA, look no further than Paludis Bounce House Jumpers and Party Rentals. As a family owned and operated business, they take pride in providing safe, clean, and fun rentals to children and families. They are committed to prompt service and will go above and beyond to ensure that you and your guests have a great time.

Water slide jumper rentals

For a fun-filled day out, consider hiring a water slide jumper rental Riverside CA company. This company will provide all the necessary safety gear and equipment for your rental. They also provide party planning services. You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of different water slides.

These rentals are great fun for all ages and are perfect for parties with a lot of kids. You can choose from a water slide, a dolphin slide, a 3 in one slide, or a candy buffet.

Inflatable jumper rentals

There are a few different kinds of inflatable jumpers that you can rent for your event. You can choose from a dolphin slide, a 3 in 1 slide, or one that has a candy bar. You can even rent one that has Disney Trademarks to get the most excitement out of the party.

Many different companies offer jumper rentals in Riverside. Some companies specialize in specific types of events, and some offer party planning services. You can contact Jump Around Party Venues for more details. The company provides party rentals for both children and adults.

Inflatable bounce house rentals

If you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, one of the best ways to make the party a hit is by renting an inflatable bounce house. These inflatable structures are perfect for kids of all ages. Riverside party rental companies can provide everything from jumpers to bounce houses, and they have a variety of options for children to¬†jumper rentals Riverside CA choose from. If you’re hosting a big event like a birthday party or a summer camp, you can also rent a bouncy castle.

Bounce houses are large inflatable structures that look like real houses. These structures are usually made from PVC or other durable materials, and when they’re inflated, they look like a fun-filled house. A bounce house rental company will bring them to your event and use industrial-grade blowers to inflate them. They’re typically 15 feet by 15 feet in size.

Party jumper rentals

When you want to add some excitement to your next party, jumper rentals are an excellent choice. Epic Jumpers is a Riverside CA company that offers inflatable jumper rentals. They also offer party planning services. Their prices are reasonable, and they make it easy to plan a party. They can also provide all the necessary party supplies.

We have a large selection of inflatable bounce houses for rent. Whether you want a dolphin slide, a three-in-one slide, or an yo-yo jumper, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we have candy buffets and a host of other accessories to make your party a hit.