LED Hex Lights

If you’ve been shopping for a new wall decoration, you’ve probably noticed that the options for LED HEXLIGHTS are vast. There are RGB options, ODISTAR and Arcwares lights, and you can even get them customized to your liking. Whether you’re a designer or a beginner, these versatile LED lights will be a great addition to your home.


LED HEXLIGHTS can be used for different applications. They provide a powerful light that can last for a long time. They can operate with an output of up to 1000 mA. They are commonly used in area lighting. Their individual controlled contacts make them very efficient and have an excellent beam angle.

LEDs can also be used for vehicle lighting. They can be controlled to emit less heat. By using a regulated current, they can help reduce the amount of heat they generate. They can also be equipped with Emberela radial or axial blowers to boost air circulation in the car. Energy saving is crucial nowadays, especially with increasing fuel prices and environmental protection. Buying a new vehicle, consumers are often focused on the fuel consumption but overlook the savings that can be made in the lighting system.


RGB HEXLIGHTS are a fun way to add extra lighting to any room. With their multi-color LEDs and different shapes, these lights are a great way to create ambience and mood lighting. You can even control the lights using your voice, allowing you to create a more personalized lighting experience.

Many LED lights today feature multiple color mixing capabilities. Advanced models will offer RGBW, RGBA, and RGBAW. You can also find RGBWA+UV+ lights made of HEX LEDs.


The ODISTAR HEXLIGHT is an RGB led smart wall light with touch-sensitive control. They’re also smart home supported, meaning you can control them with your voice or smartphone. Each hexagon light has a 30,000-hour life span, and has 60 different scene modes. You can mount them on your wall, window, or even on a table using the included stand.

These fully functional lights feature a touch-screen panel and a remote that allows you to change the color, duration, or mood. You can even set a timer so you can automatically turn them off after 30 minutes. You can even connect up to 18 HEXLIGHTS with a single USB chord.


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HEXlights are available in a variety of patterns, including abstract shapes and straight lines. The lights can be switched on and off by touching them, or they can be controlled with a remote control. The HEXLIGHTS are also compatible with smart home systems, and some models can even be controlled by voice commands.