The Benefits of TOOLS OF PRACTICE Memberships

A community of practice (CoP) brings together people who are passionate about a shared domain of knowledge, interest or professional practice. CoPs are an effective tool for sharing best practices and learning from one another, and they have been used successfully in health care and many other industries.

Modern tools make our lives easier and more efficient. When you implement a tool that does a better job of organizing your files, for example, it saves you time searching through folders and makes it easy to find the information you need. Similarly, when you participate in a community of practice that uses online tools to enable collaboration and communication, it’s not only faster, but it allows you to learn from a diverse group of experts in the field.

Communities of practice bring a sense of belonging to their members. They offer a supportive environment where people share their experiences, challenges and successes. They also help each other solve problems. They have a clear purpose and follow a regular rhythm, but their interactions are flexible to accommodate members’ busy schedules. For example, a book club CoP might hold monthly book discussions, but may also offer surprise author meet-and-greets.

Being a member of a CoP is a great way to build a network and improve your career prospects. It can be difficult to build a professional network on your own, especially if you work in a remote location or have other commitments that limit your networking opportunities. Communities of practice provide ready-made networks of people in a similar industry, and by contributing to discussions and sharing resources, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field.

A well-run CoP provides high value to its members. This can be done by fostering genuine relationships and nurturing a culture of learning, but it’s important to choose the right platform for hosting your community. A good platform encourages engagement, facilitates knowledge-sharing and is easy to use.

TOOLS OF PRACTICE memberships deliver practice-enhancing content that includes top-tier CLE, peer-reviewed scholarly journals and curated insurance law content. Plus, members receive access to the ACA’s national network of experts, exclusive deals on live and virtual credentialing events and more. To get started, visit the ACA’s TOOLS OF PRACTICE homepage.