White Lining Contractors

One of the most important damage prevention practices takes place well before excavators call Gopher State One Call and even before the submitting of a locate ticket. That practice, known as white lining, involves clearly marking the proposed excavation site with white paint or flags (or a combination of those methods) before notifying the one-call center and before facility locators arrive on the job site. White lining saves the facility locator time on-site and helps to ensure that the entire intended excavation area is located. It is required in some states and recommended by the Common Ground Alliance as a best practice.

When possible, GSOC encourages all excavators whiteliningcontractors.co.uk to white mark their excavation sites before calling for a locate. When excavators white mark their excavation sites, it allows them to provide more precise instructions for locating the dig site in the locate ticket and helps to prevent damages by ensuring that the entire excavation area is located.

There are several different methods for white lining the excavation area:

Full/continuous line: Using a white marker or paint, mark a 1″ wide continuous line around the entire excavation site.

Single stake: If your excavation area is a circle with a radius of 50 ft or less, you may use a white stake to delineate the excavation site. This stake should be positioned at the center point of the excavation site and clearly marked with your company identifier and the excavators’ radius. This information should also be communicated to GSOC when the locate ticket is submitted.

White Lining Contractors, often referred to as road marking contractors, are skilled professionals specializing in creating clear and durable markings on road surfaces. These markings include lane dividers, crosswalks, directional arrows, and various symbols. Their primary goal is to enhance road safety and traffic flow by providing clear visual cues for drivers and pedestrians.

The Importance of White Lining Contractors

The work of White Lining Contractors goes far beyond aesthetics. It is about safety and efficiency. Let’s explore the significance of their role:

  • Enhanced Safety: The clear and well-maintained road markings created by these experts significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Drivers can easily identify lanes, pedestrian crossings, and other crucial information, ensuring safer journeys.
  • Efficient Traffic Flow: Properly marked roads lead to smoother traffic flow. This efficiency translates to reduced congestion and less time spent on the road, benefiting both commuters and the environment.
  • Accessibility: White Lining Contractors also play a vital role in ensuring accessible routes for individuals with disabilities. They mark handicap parking spaces, wheelchair ramps, and other accessible features, promoting inclusivity.